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Process Instruments is present in all markets where water is processed. All of these markets present their own challenges to monitoring and control and none more so than paper and pulp. With the high level of solids often present, monitoring anything in the water in the paper industry is challenging. Pi has been working with some of the industry leaders for more than 15 years and has solutions to many of the issues that arise including; the Autoflush that can deal with 2% or 3% solids, the Autoclean features of the ORP and pH sensors for dip or insertion installations and, online solids monitoring in the waste treatment processes. Contact Pi today to ask if we have a solution for your online monitoring and control problems.

CRIUS® Instrument Controller with Remote Access


Laboratory Charge Analyser for the determination of charge demand at the wet end of a paper machine.

Conductivity meter


The ConductiSense range of online conductivity meters from Pi utilise the very latest and best conductivity sensors available in the world today for measuring online conductivity.

Ozone Sensor


The DioSense range utilises the best chlorine dioxide sensor available in the world today.



The HaloSense range of monitors are used in many applications requiring the measurement and control of online residual chlorine levels.


Multi-Parameter Analyser

Multi-sensor, multi-parameter, multichannel analysers can greatly reduce the cost per point of any measurand including pH, residual chlorine, ORP, ozone, etc.

ORP Sensor


The ORPSense range of ORP Meters from Pi utilise the very latest and best ORP sensors available in the world today for measuring online Redox potential.



The Residual Ozone Analyser from Pi is designed to be simple to install and operate and offers unrivalled stability and accuracy, offering excellent value for money.

Pi’s pH sensor- pHSense for potable water and process applications


The pHSense range of online pH meters from Pi utilise the very latest and best pH sensors available in the world today for measuring the online pH of any aqueous solution.



The UV254Sense UVA provides real time organic UVA and UVT analysis, something which has until now been expensive and complex with limited widespread applicability.

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